SO CALLED SPECIALS returned or not accepted products are always interesting. Here we are looking at a whole variety of products such as meat and meat by-products, but also fish, poultry, canned goods, vegetables and dairy products. The reasons for rejections by the customers or the veterinarian services are numerous and may vary from inadequate documentation to protective measures by certain countries, or too late arrivals, or a simple veterinarian decision showing that his or her understanding of quality or degree of temperature is different to ours

A mere problem of wrapping or packing may lead to a rejection as well as a missing translation of documents, unfortunately not all of the local veterinarians are bilingual. Whatever the reason or the case may be, goods will be sent for destruction in case of unfitness for human consumption or they will be released only for export to a so-called 3rd country. Differences of opinions and views in recent years have led to huge numbers of rejects and have given us the opportunity to supply first class meat to low-income-countries and to people who do not dispose of a large budget for their daily needs. Also it may occur at times that special requirements are being applied for processing of certain rejected consignments in order to guarantee a perfect and unquestionable quality of the finished products (thermal treatment for example).

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