CONTROL, QUALITY, DIVERSITY - Concerning the quality of our products we are aiming for the best only and donít settle for less. Since rigid controls in almost all producing countries give us more or less equal qualities of manufacturing meat as well as meat cuts, we are keeping our meat qualities at the highest level possible in beef, pork, lamb and poultry.

Beef we offer for manufacturing purposes from 65CL to 95CL, we are selling trimmings, forequarters and hindquarters bulk pack or separately packed in cartons.Pork meat is being sold in cuts bone-in and boneless, lean meat only and fat and trimmings in separate cartons, bellies bone-in and boneless, we offer head meat and heads bone-in, skin/rind and offals such as lungs, hearts, kidneys and livers.Lamb carcasses and lamb cuts, lamb boneless manufacturing. Chicken and turkey meat bone-in and boneless, chicken leg quarters and also the whole bird, chicken breast, thigh meat and inner fillets.

Whatever you may need, you let us know and we have it for you.
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